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My lab focus on understanding the neuronal mechanisms in the mammalian hippocampus which allow us to navigate physical and social spaces. To do this we recorded neuronal activity and track eye gaze of social animals while they navigate freely, both in physical and social spaces.  Our approach is to study the neural correlate of natural behaviors.  Some of our recent results indicate that the mammalian hippocampus plays an important role in social cognition. Social place-cells, cells in the dorsal hippocampus, that represent the spatial position of others. And Time-cells for the other,  cells that represent elapsed time for others.  These findings highlight the important role of the hippocampus in social cognition and also suggests the possible involvement of the mammalian hippocampus neuro-pathologies of social behaviors, such as Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Social Anxieties. 


Dr. David Omer

​Edmond & Lily Safra Center

for Brain Sciences

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Givat Ram, Jerusalem

Office: +972-2-​5494712


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