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Selected publications

Wagner, I. C., Graichen L. P., Todorova B., Luttig A., Omer, DB., Stangel M., Lamm C.  

Entorhinal grid-like codes and time-locked network dynamics track others navigating through space.

Nature Communication (2023).  PDF

Omer DB, Las L, Ulanovsky N

Contextual and pure time coding for self and other in the hippocampus.

Nature Neuroscience:1–10 (2022). PDF

Omer DB, Zilkha N, and Kimchi T.

Social Minds Sync Alike.

Cell 178, 272–274 (2019). PDF

Omer DB, Maimon SR, Las L, Ulanovsky N.

Social place cells in the bat hippocampus.

Science 359, 218–224 (2018). PDF | Nature News | News & Views: Duvelle and Jeffrey

Omer DB, Fekete T, Ulchin Y, Hildesheim R & Grinvald A,

Dynamic patterns of spontaneous ongoing activity in the visual cortex of anesthetized and awake monkeys are different.

Cerebral Cortex 29/3 1291–1304 (2018). PDF

Fekete T, Omer DB, O'Hashi K, Grinvald A, van Leeuwen C, Shriki O,

Critical dynamics, anesthesia and information integration: lessons from multi-scale criticality analysis of voltage imaging data.

NeuroImage 83, 919-933 (2018). PDF

Omer DB, Hildesheim R, Grinvald A,

Temporally-structured acquisition of multidimensional optical imaging data facilitates visualization of elusive cortical representations in the behaving monkey.

NeuroImage 82, 237–251 (2013). PDF

Muir DR, Costa NMAD, Girardin CC, Naaman S, Omer DB, Ruesch E, Grinvald A, Douglas RJ,

Embedding of cortical representations by the superficial patch system.

Cerebral Cortex 28, 2244–2260 (2011). PDF

Fekete T, Pitowsky I, Grinvald A, Omer DB,

Arousal increases the representational capacity of cortical tissue. 

J. Comp. Neurosci. 27, 211–227 (2009). PDF

Reidl J, Starke J, Omer DB, Grinvald A, Spors H,

Independent component analysis of high-resolution imaging data identifies distinct functional domains.

NeuroImage 34, 94–108 (2007). 

Vanzetta I, Slovin H, Omer DB, Grinvald A,

Columnar resolution of blood volume and oximetry functional maps in the behaving monkey.

Neuron 42, 843–854 (2004). PDF

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